Just a story of a broken soul...
Just a story of a broken soul...
strange Scottish girl
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I go on holiday in a MONTH AND A HALF

i have 45 days to get back in shape 12st 2 lbs as of this morning 

will be on tumblr more frequently to help me stay focused 

aim is to be 11St something goal 1

then 10st something goal 2

then 9st 8lbs as my ugw 

42 pounds in 45 days (ha i wish lol) but il do what i can :)

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So ill I don’t even want food just tea lots and lots of tea and my bed although I want sleep :( damn viral infection

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Time to get healthy

Inside and out.

I want to go back to being my old spontaneous self. The girl how walked around with a constant smile that brightened strangers days.

I want fun and to love my life again and do what I love.

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Just as a rule

never get involved with people you work with…it’s just gets awkward really fast when it doesn’t work.

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Death = heads in sand


Hate that I have to write about this subject here and pollute my otherwise rather upbeat & chirpy young blog page but after failing to fit what I wanted to say within the confines of a tweet I’ve decided to ventilate here instead.

As of today we all feel pure abhorrence for Ian Watkins and the ‘mothers

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